OLM Policies & Procedures

OLM Administration

Office of Logistics Management Overview: OLM Process

Capital, Controllable & Surplus Property

Contact: Denzel Godley (860) 679-8749

Central Distribution & Transportation Services

Contact: Christian Perez (860) 679-1957

  • Provide Patient & Clinical Transportation Services
  • Provide shipping, freight and customs services
  • Provide central shipping and receiving
  • Provide campus distribution services (supply pick-up and delivery services)
  • Provide courier and messenger services
  • Provide internal and external mail pick-up and distribution
  • Sort outgoing and incoming mail
  • Meter all external mail
  • See the Mail Distribution Manual for further information - MS Home
  • See the UCH Distribution Manual for further information MLM Manual

Motor Pool & Fleet Operations

Contact: Thimmayya Billava (860) 679-1960

  • Maintains a fleet of passenger vehicles, vans and trucks, for lease to all UConn Health departments and affiliated State Agencies.
  • Vehicles are available for daily rental or monthly leases.
  • Special Event Bus/Transportation Program for all Health Center departments and affiliated State Agencies.
  • See the UCH Motor Pool Web Site (Policies & Procedures) for further information - FleetOPSMAN

PAR & Warehouse Services

Contact: Adam Mike (860) 679-3255

  • Provide short term and long term warehouse storage
  • Manage central inventory and distribution
  • Manage Hospital, UMG & Clinical PAR inventory and distribution
  • Coordinate the surplus supply and equipment credit/exchange and disposal programs
  • See the UCH Warehouse Policies & Procedures for further information WHSEOPSMAN

Records Management & Retention

Contact the appropriate Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO) for your request:

For further information regarding Logistics Management Policies and Procedures, call 860-679-1770 or 860-679-1955.