Mail Operations

In the Office of Logistics Management(OLM), the Mail Operations Unit is responsible for the processing of mail at UConn Health. The mail center area includes department pick-up boxes, sorting stations, and equipment for metering of mail.

Inbound Mail

Inbound mail is picked up from the USPS twice daily. This mail is sorted and delivered to each department daily. Accountable mail requiring signature at the post office is processed through our package tracking system, so that chain of custody is maintained.

Interoffice Mail

Interoffice mail is picked up at each department when deliveries are made. This mail is brought back to the mail center, sorted, and delivered the following day.

Outbound Mail

Outbound mail is picked up at each department when deliveries are made. Mail is metered at the appropriate rate based on the type of mailing. First class mail is metered at the current first class rate. For letters that qualify, the mail center meters these at commercial postage prices. This mail is sent to a contracted presort vendor that groups the mail by ZIP code and prints a barcode on each piece. For more information on what qualifies for this discounted rate see the specifications. Flats and boxes are metered at standard rates. For special mailings, including certified, registered, express, priority, return receipt and mailings over 100 pieces a mail service request form is required.

To ensure accurate and timely delivery of mail, UConn Health employees should make sure that their information is correct in the online directory. If needed changes can be made in Banner.

Hours of operation

Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm

Mail Center Contacts: