Central Receiving

In the Office of Logistics Management(OLM), the Central Receiving Unit is tasked with maintaining the chain of custody of incoming packages. All items ordered for UConn Health, including offsite areas, are delivered to the West Receiving Dock.

Upon acceptance of delivery all packages are entered into the OLM Package Tracking System (PTS.) Receiving staff enter PO into system and deliver-to person, department, and room location are automatically populated, based on import of that information from HuskyBuy. Tracking number is scanned into system and delivery is scheduled in system based on service and package type. A digital copy of packing slip is retained, delivery label is printed and affixed to package, and package is placed on cart for delivery.

Receipt of items is based on packing slip included with package. Each packing slip is stamped with verbiage asking recipient to notify OLM of any discrepencies between quantities on packing slip and actual shipped quantities. For any packages that don't contain a packing slip or when receiving staff can't match packing slip information to PO, OLM will add a comment to Huskybuy asking PO owner to confirm what was received, and receipt is posted in HuskyBuy accordingly.

Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-3:00pm

Receiving Contacts:

  • Receiving staff:
  • 860-679-3541
  • or
  • 860-679-4803

  • Bogdan Bak
  • Administrative Program Assistant 1
  • 860-679-1957

  • Christian Perez
  • OLM Supervisor
  • 860-679-1957