Mission Statement

The Office of Logistics Management (OLM) is dedicated to advancing UConn Health's academic, research and clinical care objectives by providing the institution with expert, efficient, and cost effective distribution, inventory, property management, records retention, shipping and receiving services. It is our goal to continuously improve upon past practices and to seek out the best way to add value to the services UConn Health provides to its patients, students, staff and the community.


Provide excellent customer service to all UConn Health patients, doctors, faculty, staff, residents, students and researchers by requisitioning and distributing all items within the PAR inventory formulary, monitoring any supplemental inventories within UConn Health departments, and supporting units in the acquisition, transportation, and disposal of items used in their daily operations.


The Office of Logistics Management Department ensures that:

  1. Consumable inventory listed in the PAR system is acquired and distributed in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible;
  2. Requests for transportation services are handled promptly and professionally;
  3. Materials are accounted for at the receiving docks and quickly distributed to internal customers in a safe, precise and efficient manner;
  4. Surplus equipment and supplies are re-used, recycled or disposed of safely, economically, and in accordance with all waste handling regulations;
  5. Quality customer service is provided to all UConn Health units, and new processes and procedures are explored to ensure we continue providing the most cost effective and efficient logistical support possible.