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Materials & Logistics Management Week - October 7-11
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Materials & Logistics Management



Materials & Logistics Management is dedicated to advancing the Health Center’s academic, research and clinical care objectives by providing the Health Center community with expert, efficient, cost effective and compliant Supply Chain Logistics, distribution, inventory, property management, records retention, shipping and receiving services.  Working together, we will tap into our collective power and experience to offer a diverse perspective from our various Hospital and Clinical departments, challenge current practices, promote innovative solutions, and advance the University of Connecticut Health Center/John Dempsey Hospital to the next generation of Supply Chain optimization and savings.

The Materials & Logistics Management Department is a customer service-oriented department. Our customers are our patients, doctors, researchers and staff. Materials Management is responsible for the proper placement and distribution of all items within the inventory formulary and maintaining and monitoring the inventories within the University, hospital and the clinical enterprise. MLM acts as an integral part of the University of Connecticut Health Center to promote cooperation and coordination among all of its services.


Meet Our Administrative Team



Left to Right:
Adam Mike, Thimmayya Billava, Jack Ferraro, Lisa Nuzenski, Jeff Boyko and Alex Schwarz.  (Not shown: Dan Hannon, Charlene Bilbo, Sandy Basso, Megan McCreesh, and Hazel Garcia)

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                             UCHC/JDH PAWS Team Award Recipients