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Logistics Management


  Materials Distribution
  Central Receiving
Central Shipping
Distribution Services
Mail Center
PAR & Supply Inventory

  Property Administration
Capital Assets
  Moving & Storage
  Records Retention
  Surplus Property
UCH Fleet Operations

  Resource Management
e-Portal Web Orders
  Help Desk
  Key Personnel



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Each year, an entire week is dedicated to celebrating resource and Logistics Management professionals for their outstanding contributions to healthcare and the overall success of the supply chain. The Logistics Management Department includes staff from Patient Transportation, e-Portal Requisitioning Services, Central Shipping/Receiving, Central Distribution, Inventory Control, Motor Pool, Central Mail Services, Central Warehousing, Supply Chain Management /Utilization Services, Records Retention/Informational Services, Surplus Property, Moving & Storage Services.  The UCH community takes time to thank the Materials & Supply Chain Management staff members for their dedication and commitment to service. We thank them for their outstanding contributions to the success of our organization. We recognize the role our Materials & Logistics Management departments play in health care and salute them for their outstanding performance.