Office of Logistics Management


All departments which have service supplies on hand must perform an inventory count and forward the count forms to Logistics Management no later than June 28th each year.  This also applies to inventories for resale such as at the Bookstore, Warehouse or inventories held for consumption such as the Facilities Management Stock Room.  Basic office supplies should not be considered as inventory unless you have more than a thirty (30) day supply. Please Do Not include any supply items on consignment. Departmental inventories controlled by Logistics Management, e.g., the Hospital PAR Program; Q-Sight; SIS, will be inventoried by your Logistics Management Supply Technicians.  

Inventory counts should be performed as close to June 25th as possible and be completed with in a five (5) day period. 

General Inventory taking procedures are as follows.  Depending on the department, other controls may be set in place by the Department Head, Logistics Management or Finance.  Logistics Management will audit selected department inventories for count accuracy and policy/procedure compliance. 

  1. The Inventory Count Form, MM-6 can be found on the Logistics Management Web site, or by selecting the attached link.

  2. Inventory Count Form(s) should be pre-numbered, so each may be accounted for when the inventory is summarized. 

  3. Each Inventory Count Form should be signed by the appropriate individuals as stated on form MM-6. 

  4. Each inventory location should be counted separately. Once inventory is taken, clearly mark the location so as to avoid duplicate counting. 

  5. If you are using an electronic inventory count form, other than the MM-6, units and price per unit must be shown. In all cases, numerical calculations done on count forms should be checked to ensure accuracy. 

  6. Please pay special attention to the unit of measures.  If the unit of measure is "Case", "Box", "Pack", etc., please make sure that  they contain the full count as indicated on the packaging. 

  7. If at all possible, counting should be done in pairs; one individual counting and one recording.  In the case of the Bookstore or departments that have Stockrooms (the Warehouse, Facilities Stockroom, Dental Stores, Dietary, etc.), the same individual should not be involved in the counting and recording function. The Supervisor/Manager will supervise the count and make test counts in all areas to ensure an accurate count has taken place. 

  8. Obsolete goods should be included in your count and clearly marked on the count form as obsolete. A separate listing  of the obsolete goods should be made and attached to the Logistics Management form, Declaration of Excess Property - Removal Request:  MM-2

  9. Please make sure that you adhere to all year-end billing & invoicing procedures, as directed by the Finance Department. All departments will receive notice of the billing deadline in May of each year.

  10. The basis of pricing the inventory should be consistent with that of previous years. If there are any changes from your last inventory, please make note on the Inventory Count Form. 

  11. As in the case of the Bookstore or Warehouse, if your department will not provide normal services during inventory, user departments should be notified accordingly.

  12. Please complete the Supply Inventory Certificate, MM-5 and return to the University Director for Materials & Resource Management, FB023 - MC2012.