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Questions & Answers about the New UCH Central Motor Pool:

The intent of this service is to encourage the shared and controlled use of distribution & passenger vehicles for official State business, and eliminate the need for single department ownership of vehicles. The program will reduce the individual departmental costs associated with administration, fuel, maintenance and lease/rentals by implementing a central pool of vehicles.  This program will also reduce the number of parking spaces required, and eliminate the need for personal vehicle use for distribution, and associated liabilities.


To reserve a vehicle, please complete the LM-11 Form and contact the Logistics Management Resource Help Desk at 860-679-1958.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding vehicle reservations through the OLM Resource Help Desk, please contact Thimmayya Billava, OLM Supervisor at 679-1960.


If you have any questions regarding the new program, please contact Jeff Boyko at 679-1955.


Motor Pool Request Forms:


  1. LM-11 - Central Motor Pool Daily Rental Form





  1. UCH Fleet Operations follows the DAS Regulations Governing the Use of State-Owned Motor Vehicles.  Please see the information stated below.

  2. Smoking is prohibited in all state vehicles.  This action corresponds with the no smoking standard in all state facilities.

    All new vehicles are now being issued with "No Smoking" stickers.  Regardless of the presence of stickers, all vehicles are subject to the prohibition.  Should you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us or the Department of Administrative Services at (860) 566-5940.

  3. All UCH vehicles are to be utilized only to conduct Official State Business.

  4. A no-smoking policy is in effect while driving in a daily rental Motor Pool Passenger Vehicle

  5. Please help keep the inside of our vehicles clean.   You may be charged extra for vehicles returned excessively dirty.

  6. All UCH Fleet Operation Forms can be found at: UCH Fleet Forms

  7. Always follow the rules and drive safely!!





Policy Manual:


Overnight Parking of State-Owned Vehicles:

In general, all state-owned and rental vehicles must be parked overnight at state-owned or leased facilities. Vehicles shall be parked within a five-mile radius of the official duty station of the principal drivers. Field personnel whose assigned geographic area is regional or statewide shall park their assigned vehicles at a facility determined by their agency’s Agency Transportation Administrator with approval from the Director of DAS Fleet Operations. State-owned and rental vehicles shall not be parked overnight on any street or highway or in commuter lots, except under emergency conditions.

Over-View of DAS General Letter No. 115 - Policy for Motor Vehicles Used for State Business:

Brief Overview - See complete document at:


  1. This policy was developed to administer the use of state-owned motor vehicles, as well as motor vehicles rented or owned by state employees that are used for official state business.


Scope of Policy:

  1. This policy applies to all executive branch agencies of State Government except State Police.

  2. This policy replaces previously published policies.

  3. This policy does not supersede any language or benefits provided under an applicable collective bargaining contract.



  1.  “Motor vehicle” means automobiles, trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles.  (Any vehicle requiring a Motor Vehicle License Plate)

  2. “Official duty station” means the state-owned or leased building or other locations at which an employee reports for duty.

  3. “Personally-owned vehicle” means a motor vehicle owned by a state employee and authorized for use on state business.

  4. “Pool vehicle” means a state-owned motor vehicle assigned to an agency for use by two or more employees.

  5. “Rental vehicle” means a motor vehicle that has been rented from a commercial rental agency (either in Connecticut or out-of-state) by a state employee or state agency for use on state business.

  6. “State-owned vehicle” means a motor vehicle that is owned by the State of Connecticut.


Responsibilities of Drivers:


Each driver is responsible for:

  1. Being knowledgeable of, and compliant with, all of the rules and procedures outlined in this policy and any applicable collective bargaining agreement;

  2. Driving courteously and obeying all motor vehicle laws;

  3. Ensuring that state-owned vehicles are serviced at proper intervals and that DAS Fleet Operations is notified of needed repairs;

  4. Ensuring that fluid levels (engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant and window washer fluid) of state-owned vehicles are checked and replaced when low;

  5. Ensuring that state-owned vehicles are brought in for emissions tests before the expiration date;

  6. Ensuring that state-owned vehicles’ interiors are kept clean;

  7. Complying with all state accident procedures issued by the State Comptroller or the Director of DAS Fleet Operations, including but not limited to completing accident reports (MVCU-1) and submitting the report to his or her supervisor within 48 hours of the incident;

  8. Promptly paying parking fines and other liability charges incurred while operating any motor vehicle on state business. Such fines are the personal liability of the driver;

  9. Possessing the ability, knowledge, skill, experience and appropriate license to operate the type of vehicle assigned;

  10. Completing and submitting all required reports within established timelines;

  11. Ensuring that his or her motor vehicle licenses and any required motor vehicle insurance is kept active and up-to-date; and

  12. Promptly notifying his or her Agency Transportation Administrator if his or her motor vehicle license is suspended, revoked or expired.

  13. See complete document at:




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Agency Transportation Administrator; Jeff Boyko, at 679-1955.

Hours of operation are:

Customer Service: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


If You Have Any Questions, or Need Additional Information, Please Contact One of the Following Individuals:


  • Contacts: 

    Thimmayya Billava

    • Phone: 860-679-1960

    • Fax: 860-679-1993

    • or E-Mail.


    • Jeff Boyko

    • Phone: 860-679-1955

    • Fax: 860-679-1993

    • or E-Mail.


  • Administration:

    University Director:  Jeff Boyko

    Operations Manager:  Alex Schwarz