Table of Contents

Section I: Assets that Must be Inventoried

A. Capital Assets

  1. Single tangible financial resource
  2. Site improvement, land improvement or building improvement
  3. Computer software
  4. Software license
  5. Library collections

B. Controllable Assets

C. Supplies/Stock

Section II: Asset Control and Reporting:  Roles & 

A. Office of Logistics Management (OLM)

  1. General responsibilities for all types of assets
  2. Capital assets and controllable assets
  3. Assets that store confidential data, including ePHI
  4. Annual Supply Inventory

B. Clinical Engineering Department

  1. Clinical equipment tagging
  2. Clinical equipment testing and maintenance
  3. Asset that store confidential data, including ePHI
  4. Retirement/disposal of clinical equipment

C Facilities Management

D.  Finance Department/Accounting

E.  Custodial Department Responsibilities

  1. General responsibilities for all types of assets
  2. Capital assets, controllable assets and supply inventory

Section III:
Procedures and Forms for the Receipt, Tracking
                     and Disposition of Assets

A. Assets Coming to UConn Health

  1. Purchased and leased assets
  2. Gifts/donations of assets (except artwork)
  3. Gifts/donations of artwork
  4. Constructed equipment
  5. Loans, leases and consignments
  6. Research equipment brought to UConn health by incoming faculty/staff

B. Equipment Moves within UConn Health

  1. Moves within the same department
  2. Loans/transfers of equipment from one UConn Health department to another
  3. Moving/storage requests - individual items
  4. Moving/storage requests - major moves (entire departments or floors)

C. Assets Leaving UConn Health

  1. Equipment loaned to an affiliated institution or to an employee for off-site work use
  2. Research equipment sold or transferred permanently to another institution
  3. Trade-in of equipment toward a new purchase
  4. Equipment retirement (cannibalization)
  5. Excess property
  6. Surplus property

Appendix A:  Property/Asset Tracking Forms

  1. LM-1:  Move Request Form
  2. LM-2:  Removal Request Form
  3. IC-1:  Gifts and Donations to UConn Health  (Non-Art)
  4. IC-1A:  Gifts and Donations of Art
  5. IC-2:  Record of Constructed Equipment
  6. IC-3:  Record of Property Loaned, Leased or Consigned
  7. IC-4:  Record of Transfers From:  Other Agencies (State or Federal),  Institutions, Organizations
  8. IC-5:  Record of Property Loaned:  Between Departments, To Another Institution, State/Federal Agency, Organization, or Individual
  9. IC-6:   Record of Property Disposition: Transfers Within Departments, Between Departments, Between Buildings, Off-Site Health Center Locations or Approved Storage Facilities, Transfer to Another Institution, Trade-In, Sell, Declare Surplus (Property Use Only), Cannibalize, Other Approved Dispositions
  10. IC-9:  Maintenance of Equipment Notice
  11. IC-10:  Inventory Disposition Certificate
  12. IC-11:  Inventory Certificate
  13. CO-853 Report of Loss or Damages to Real and Personal Property:  To be submitted by Inventory Control.  Please complete the IC-12 signature routing form and attach to the CO-853.  Signatures must be in order listed.
  14. IC-12:  Report of Loss or Damages to Real and personal Property.  This form must accompany the CO-853.

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