e-Portal WEB ORDERS System

e-Portal Materials Management System




Login Page  

Please save the e-Portal Procurement Home Page in your favorites.  This is the page that you must start in before going to the Login Page.  Important information regarding the system will be displayed on this page.  Once at this page go to Order Entry to login.

Login Security Page

User Name:  Type in your MACOLA User ID

Password:  Type in your MACOLA Password   (Remember the system is case sensitive)

Submit:  Select the Submit button to continue




Order Entry Page   

The user is directed to this screen when the user successfully logs into the application.  This screen consists of all possible options the user has in the application in the form of buttons.   The Open Orders button will bring the user to the Open Orders screen.   The Assign Orders screen will allow the user to assign order to accounts.  The Logoff link returns the user to the Login screen.   The Help button link will open a new window consisting of help information for the selected option.  The account balances will come from FRS tables.   There will be an image logo for each vendor that this application will support.

To Place an Order: 

  1. Click on the Supplier Logo or Name

  2. The Logistics Management (Central Warehouse)  and  Molecular Core Lab are internal Health Center Services

  3. Follow the Supplier's Order or Shopping Cart Process (this may be different for each Supplier)

  4. Follow the Supplier's Checkout Process  (this may be different for each Supplier)



Assign Order Page   


  1. Click on ASSIGN ORDERS button to assign accounts to pending orders. 
  2. Select the Pull Down menu ORDER TYPE and select Logistics Management or Vendor, depending how you placed the order.
  3. Select the Pull Down menu ORDERS and select the order number/name that placed. Your order will be displayed below in a few seconds.
  4. Select the FRS account that will be charged from the ACCOUNTS pull down menu.
  5. Select the appropriate Ship-To address from the ADDRESSES pull down menu.
  6. Select the appropriate Subcode from the SUBCODE pull down menu.
  7. If you need to select a different Subcode for each line item, then you must select the Subcode on the line item detail.
  8. If you need to use more than one FRS Account you may do so by selecting the Split Account by Percent box and select the account and percent. Please make sure that you total 100% when completed.
  9. You may also assign a different FRS account to each line item by selecting the Accounts by Line box.
  10. Click on the SUBMIT button to place the order.  You must click the SUBMIT button to place your order! The item detail box at the bottom will be gone, and a Pop-Up Window will appear. This Window is your actual Invoice and Order Confirmation Notice.  Simply select the print option, and the form will print at you local printer. 
  11. To delete your order, click on the DELETE button.  Your order will be deleted.
  12. To reset the information provided, click on the RESET button. You may now enter new information.
  13. You must now Log Off the system by selecting the LOG OFF button. 
  14. The next step will allow you to track any open orders in the system.  These are orders that have been placed, but have not been received.


View Open Orders   

The Open Orders button will allow the user to view all orders in the database that have yet to be fully received.  The Order Number value in the grid will be a link to another popup window which will list the detailed order information for the selected order. 

  1. Click the OPEN ORDERS button.
  2. If there are any open orders they will be displayed on this screen.  If there are no orders displayed, then all orders have been received.
  3. To view the detail of each order, click on the PO number.
  4. When completed you may Log Off. 

Reports & Queries

The Queries button will allow the user to search and print out a few basic reports. A important report for the Hospital & Clinics is the Search by Item and Since Date, as it allows you to search for needed product in the case of a stock-out or emergency.

    Order Search

  1. Click on Search by Ord Number to find an order that you have placed.
  2. Click on Search by Account and Date Range.  If you forget your order number, this feature allows you to search for it by Account and Date Range.

    Item Search

  1. The Search by Item Number allows the user to search the Logistics Management catalogs for a specific item(s). Pictures are available on many items.
  2. The Search by Item and Since Date allows the user to find an Item and where it may be stocked.  This feature is helpful in an emergency situation due to a stock-out.

                                             Example:  Search by Item and Since Date





If there are other Reports & Queries that you would like developed for e-Portal, please contact Logistics Management at 679-1917.