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Annual Supply Inventory


Every agency is required by State Statute to report a listing of their total "Supply Inventory" to the State Comptroller in July. It is required that you report in total dollars, all consumable supplies that fall under your control.  You must also provide the value of which you have a thirty (30) day or more supply. Please Do Not include any supply items on consignment.  Departmental inventories controlled by Logistics Management, e.g., the Hospital PAR Program; Q-Sight; SIS, will be inventoried by your Logistics Management Supply Technicians.

The Supply Inventory Certificate attached, must be signed and returned to the Office of Property and Logistics Management no later than June 28th each year.  This information must be processed in the time frame mandated by the State Comptroller.

Your cooperation in this matter is required. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Supply Inventory Policies & Procedures: 

Supply Inventory Certificate: 
MM-5 (PDF)

Inventory Count Form:  MM-6   (USE SAVE FILE TO DISK FEATURE)

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Jack Ferraro

Jack Ferraro
University Director, Emeritus
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Office of Logistics Management
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Your Logistics & Operations Team

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