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Office of Logistics Management




Policies & Procedures

I. Objective:

The Logistics Management Department is a customer service-oriented department. Our customers are our patients, doctors, nurses, researchers, teachers, and staff. Logistics Management is responsible for the proper placement and distribution of all items within the inventory formulary and maintaining and monitoring the inventories within the University, CMHC, hospital and the clinical enterprise. The Logistics Management Department acts as an integral part of the University of Connecticut Health Center to promote cooperation and coordination among all of its services.

The department follows the Logistics Management control concept widely used in industry. Reporting to the University Director of Logistics Management at the University of Connecticut Health Center, the Logistics Management Department is accountable for the following divisions: All Warehousing Operations (includes Non-Clinical Business Supplies, Housekeeping, Research, Dental, Medical and Surgical Supplies), Materials Requisitioning - Supply Chain (including Perioperative, Radiology, EP Lab and Nursing), Materials Data Control, Utilization Analysis/Management, Patient & Clinical Transportation needs, Central Distribution and Courier Services, Records Retention and Storage Management, Equipment Reutilization Services, Surplus Property Management, Inventory Control, Mail & Shipping Operations, Motor Pool & Fleet Operations, Moving and Storage Services,  and Central Receiving. The department also provides for and has established procedures for the evaluation and trial of new equipment and supplies for Health Center Departments. The department operates under the authority granted in the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, Public Act 91-256.

II. Responsibilities:

The Logistics Management Department is responsible for the management of the University’s supply process including the acquisition, distribution, control and disposal (or termination) of goods, services and equipment necessary to sustain the academic, research and support service activities of the University and its divisions. The Logistics Management Department, a centralized service, ensures that:

Working with Purchasing, acquisitions are completed in a fair and equitable manner with attention to applying best practices in public purchasing to achieve the best value for the University (please see the Purchasing Manual/Web site for more details). Requests for materials services are handled professionally, observing the need to meet the requirements of the University customer. Materials are received, managed and accounted for. Distribution of materials is handled in a safe, timely and efficient manner. Surplus equipment and supplies are re-used, recycled or, where required, disposed of safely and economically. Business partnerships are explored on behalf of the University in support of the University’s strategic direction. The University customer can rely on the Logistics Management Department for expert assistance and consultation on their supply chain needs as well as the timely communication of information relating to University materials services and product market. Monitor and evaluate the quality of customer service and the way the University conducts business to identify areas for improvement.

Office of Logistics Management Overview: 

Service areas include:

Capital Assets: 

  • Update the equipment inventory data file
  • Reconcile the equipment inventory data file to expenditure information
  • Conduct physical inventories as required
  • New Acquisition Control (tag and inventory)
  • Loss Reporting
  • See the UCH Inventory Control Manual for Further Information -
  • State Property Manual  -

Central Distribution & Transportation Services

  • Provide Patient & Clinical Transportation Services

  • Provide shipping, freight and customs services

  • Provide central shipping and receiving

  • Provide campus distribution services (supply pick-up and delivery services)

  • Provide courier and messenger services

  • Provide internal and external mail pick-up and distribution

  • Sort outgoing and incoming mail

  • Meter all external mail

  • See the Mail Distribution Manual for further information -

  • See the UCH Distribution Manual for further information -

Motor Pool & Fleet Operations

  • Maintains a fleet of passenger vehicles, vans and trucks, for lease to all Health Center departments and affiliated State Agencies.

  • Vehicles are available for daily rental or monthly leases.

  • Special Event Bus/Transportation Program for all Health Center departments and affiliated State Agencies.

  • See the UCH Motor Pool Web Site (Policies & Procedures) for further information -

Warehouse Services

  • Provide short term and long term warehouse storage

  • Manage central inventory and distribution

  • Manage Hospital, UMG & CMHC/DOC PAR inventory and distribution

  • Coordinate the surplus supply and equipment credit/exchange and disposal programs

  • See the UCH Warehouse Policies & Procedures for further information -

For further information regarding Logistics Management Policies and Procedures, call   679-1927 or  679-1955.


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Your Materials Logistics & Operations Team

Jeff Boyko, University Director for Office of Logistics Management 

Alex Schwarz, OLM Central Distribution & Clinical Transportation Manager 

Adam Mike, OLM Logistics & Systems Manager 

Keith Pettit, OLM Property & Asset Manager

Thimmayya Billava, Supervisor, OLM Business & Finance

Don Carr, OLM Central Warehouse Supervisor

Jack Ferraro, University Director Emeritus