Office of Logistics Management



Central Distribution Services



Central Distribution Services handles over 700,000 packages and parcels yearly.  Distribution is provided by UCH Couriers from Receiving, Distribution, Mail & Shipping.  
Central Distribution Services encompasses all UCH Buildings and Route Schedules.

The current delivery system works efficiently and at a major cost savings to the Institution in both manpower and inventory reduction. The need for double and triple handling of product and stock piling of supply goods has been virtually eliminated using the Central Distribution System.


Logistics Policies & Procedures: 

Distribution Related Forms:

1. LM-3R  -  Materials Return Form (To Logistics Management)
LM-1    -  Move Request
3. L
  -  Return Materials Authorization Form

Hours of operation are:

Customer Service: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified in the Central Distribution  Manual.

Receiving Contacts: 

Logistics Management Central Distribution/Transportation Manager: 
Alex Schwarz, 
at (860-679-1942)  Fax (x-1218)

Distribution Coordinator:  Hazel Garcia, at (860)-679-1957    Fax (x-1993)

OLM Administration:

University Director:  Jeff Boyko - 679-1955